Malaysian Beauty And Skin Care And Healthy Food Matching Conference

DATE (日期)                : 13 December 2018

LOCATION (地点)       : Eco Business Park Johor Bahru

ORGANIZER (主办单位): Sudu Emas Group

SPEAKER (发言人)      : Yb. Jimmy Puah Wee Tse


The media conference was brought to the event by the Taiwan Foundation Business Research Institute (Commerce Research Institute). It also hopes to take this opportunity to conduct substantive exchanges and interactions with Malaysian operators and jointly negotiate opportunities for new cooperative business development.

这次媒合会是由台湾财团法人商业研究院(商研院)带团来马出席盛会, 也希望借此机会与大马的业者们进行实质交流与互动,共同商洽新合作业务发展契机。