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Our main objective in Shielder Eco Waste Management Sdn. Bhd. is to provide a consultation in wastewater bio treatment system. We will ensure your wastewater plant to be cost-effective, best quality of performance and efficient.


Sheilder Eco provide wastewater treatment plant assessment services to existing plant. We will help our client to operate the wastewater treatment in the most cost effective and to ensure that the treated discharge meets the Department of Environment’s Standards

We provide the engineering consultation, design and drawing services that follows our client’s needs and expectation. We also give advices on how to facilitate and enhance your wastewater treatment plant so that it can perform at optimum efficiency and performance.

We also construct and supervise the construction of your treatment plant to ensure that all plant is built at its finest quality and adhere to all safety standards.

We provide operation and maintenance (O&M) on wastewater for our clients in both industrial and public sectors. We ensure that the operations and maintenances of the plant are kept at the optimum level of efficiency and performance.

Making a Survey of Factory Waste water  #Melaka#环士净系 帮助工厂解决高蛋白污水

Ready to help your factory manage your HIGH PROTEIN POLLUTION WASTE WATER
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#环士净系 帮助工厂解决高蛋白污水
Ready to help your factory manage your HIGH PROTEIN POLLUTION WASTE WATER
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